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Elite IV (Frontier III)

Under development

News & Rumours

Elite IV - News by Braben and Gillett from - Snipped by Zat Solo - Mar, 2001
Another Elite game for PC ? ("Games Domain Review") - Nov, 1, 1999
Elite IV - Official news ("ATFW" - "Interview with David Braben" by John Shiali) - Nov, 1998
PC Gamer's E3 Preview : Braben reveals latest projects - Jun, 1997


Elite 4 Home Page - Elite 4 Official Site - In progress
ELITE IV:THE NEXT ENCOUNTER (by Andrew J. Hodges) - Various conceptual ideas for Elite IV
Jades' Elite Four Page - Site taken down for updating

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Elite Series - General Links

Frontier Developments Home Page
The Elite Club - Official site - Improved versions of FFE, FE2
Elite Fiction Ring - Excellent science fiction pages dedicated to Elite/Frontier Universe
The Ironfrost ELITE Network
EYWTKATICAWATA - Everything you wanted to know about the Imperial Courier
THE ELITE BAR - Official F.A.Q. And Resource (by bee-team)
Mufossa's Elite Page - Now with "Expanded Elite Timeline"
Riedquat systems - The Pirates guide to the Galaxy
The Holy Scripture of Elite - A fun page. Excellent!
Quator - Home of The Cause
Frontier First Encounters : The Elite Club - Un-official Site - In progress
The Demons Gate - Under re-construction ...
Sigma Draconis - Frontier Outpost (by Cdr. Steve) - Under re-construction ...
Beyond the Final Frontier
The Elite Trilogy - Part I & The Elite Trilogy - Part II (TheTinman's fave PC games)
Elite pages (by R. Pfeifer)
Allans ELITE Page
Cdr. Andy's Crazy Frontier Site - A very fun page !
The Elite Planet Cafe
Elite Encounters
Lave Sation (by J. van Drongelen) - Hosted by Jades
Dave's Homeworld
Jack Hamiltons Elite Page - "Elite fiction" and "Fer de Lance" specs
The Elite Collection (by "The Underdogs")
Elite Series (by MobyGames)
The Elite Federation of Pilots-Central - In progress
Frontier (probably the final one)
ELITE SAGA (by Verdi)
First Encounters Downloads And Information (by Crazy Fool)
Games Page : Elite, Elite II - Frontier/ First Encounters
Elite and Frontier (by A. Manwaring)
Vetitician Tourist Board

Under Construction : Stone-D's HomePage - A very promising site - In progress
Under Construction : LordHaHa's Temporary Elite Webpage


Elite 4 FAQ - Elite 4 Official FAQ - In progress
Frontier : First Encounters FAQ (Frontier Developments Ltd)
Frontier : Elite II FAQ (Frontier Developments Ltd)
Elite faq (Frontier Developments Ltd) FAQ (Robert Pfeifer) - Sep, 28, 1999
Frontier : First Encounters FAQ - v2.7b - Nov, 2000 by Jades / Jeroen van Drongelen
Frontier (Elite II) Game Info (Games Domain) - Collected on

Special Patches - FFE for Windows & Linux

jjFFE (by John Jordan) - FFE for Win9x/NT/2k - RGB settings ! (sugg. values: -15,-15,-20)
& jjFFE for Linux ! (by Proton) - Version with "Beta Lyrae" and other stuff...

Classic Patches

Frontier - First Encounters : 1.06 Floppy & CD ver. (UK release) - Official site (Elite Club)
Frontier - Elite II : mining bug-fix - Games Domain

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Encyclopedia Galactica - Events, people, places and things in the "Elite universe"
dJeez's Frontier/Elite page
Anti-Matter Frontier Resources
TwistedFool-Frontier: Elite II Cheats, Tips, Help,Downloads
Document Title: ELITE Home Page (by "Rap5", University of York)
The Uszaan BBS (by Bee-Team) - Old site - NEW SITE NOW !
Pete's Elite Page
Jez`s Elite Home Page
Elite (by A. Moye)
Lave Station - Original site (by J. van Drongelen) - OLD SITE NOW HOSTED BY JADES !

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"Elite" Projects

Since 1997

Millennium 3: Future's End (Anti-Matter Productions) - In progress
Galileo Projects & Galileo Resources (by Gerd Tröger)
The Elite Project (by Tom Ford) & T.E.P. resources (by Gerd Tröger) FAQ (by Motz)
Star Flight 2000 - Elite style 3D game - In progress

Elite for EMACS
Lave Station Bulletin Board
Ockers Elite Pictures
Daniel Sevo's Frontier Fan Page
The Elite Universe (by S. Wilson)
The Holy Scripture of Elite - All your base are belong to us
Home of the ELite (uc)
Frontier Elite 2 (Second Review)
The Order of Elite

§ news :
§ news :

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Welcome to The Elite Project's Programmers Page (by dJeez) 1999
The Elite Project (by R. Pfeifer) - Old site - NEW SITE NOW !

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Frontier - First Encounters (Elite III)

April 1995

Frontier First Encounters Alioth Network (by Dylan Smith)
Jades' First Encounters Page
The Frontier: First Encounters Art Page (by Hooplah)
Life on the Frontier (by Matt Dibb)
Frontier First Encounter Gallery (by Andrew J. Hodges)
Frontier First Encounters - A System Guide (by Dean Hall) - Frontier Challenge
& Paporus - High Adventure on the Fringe of Space - Frontier Challenge DataBase
Kelpie's Elite Page
Chris's Elite Webpage!
Sirocco Station (By Dan Lind) - In progress & The old site (1997)
Three Dimensional Encounters (by S. Challands) - Stereo images from FFE
FFE - Eta Cassiopeia (0,2) - by Cdr. Raqoon - Under re-construction ...
FFE Stuffies (by Proton) - FFE internals - Page with really unique particularities
Alive mediasoft news - Elite III conversion for Amiga - Amiga version of FFE - In progress ???
Frontier First Encounters WEB Manual
Living Frontier (by Crayfish) - Modification to FFE to give it a persistant dynamic universe
Frontier First Encounters, FFE (by Schwempa) - Old site (Last site R.I.P.)
THOMPSON HIGH (by Commander Bohemia) - Hosted by Matt Dibb
Info and software for Frontier - Elite 2 / First Encounters (by T-Offline)
Frontier & First Encounters Page (by Telepath)
Elite Pages ... Elite, Elite Plus, Elite II, Elite First Encounters, TEP
Elite games
Chris' Frontier First Encounters Page
FE2 & FFE Hack (by Cdr. S. Berry)
Elite III (by v8man)
Federal Shipyard
Russ' FFE Page - Decoded journal entries from FFE
FFE - Spathi's Games Page
ELITE Commanders page
Frontier : First Encounters (by Cdr. M. Kimber)
Laser Central
Frontier: First Encounters -- Game-Tek (by HALTech)
Aleks's Elite 3 page
Frontier: First Encounters (by Commander AceSteve)
Frontier: First Encounters (by CyberSpeed)
FIRST ENCOUNTERS & The Ship Interface - From "The Ctrl Panels" - FFE Art Page (by Hoopla)

Under Construction :
Under Construction : UrbanConfederate's First Encounters Page
Under Construction : Right on commander!
Under Construction : Elite 3 - Frontier FE
Under Construction : Facece
Under Construction : Pete's Place

Coming soon ??? : Area 51's cool games page - FFE
Coming soon ??? : dgw' Home Page
Coming soon ??? : The Deviant Web Page

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ELITE 3: First Encounters (by Paul)
The Homepage of GURPS Frontier - (Project halted)
Case's Frontier: First Encounters Page
The Home of Kroom
Frontier First Encounters, FFE (by Schwempa) - Old site only
Zsinj's Elite Station
Commander Bohemia's Elite Presentation - THOMPSON HIGH - OLD SITE NOW HOSTED by Matt Dibb
Frontier First Encounters: An Intersting Way to Trade (by Dylan Smith) - Old site - NEW SITE NOW !
The Frontier Page (by C. Hardstaff)
Stipe Tolj's "FFE Patch Editor"
Firas' Frontier: First Encounters
Frontier: First Encounters Hack
Imperial Home Page
FFE (by B. Withers)
The FFE page (by Michael McCarthy)
Frontier: First Encounters (by Blinky)
FFE (by S. Hansen)
Achenar: v e r t i g o ' s FFE p a g e s
James Turner's Home Page
Darren Edmunson's Home Page
ELITE : The Enemy Within (15-8-96 not operative)
R.O.C. Terminal - Right on, Commander! (by Squire Mharr)
WiBbLy WoBbLy WeB - Under CoNsTrUcTiOn - FFE (by Phil)

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Frontier - Elite II

October 1993

Frontierverse - Frontier Elite 2 Homesite (by Robin Sharrock)
FE2 Pilot's Lounge (by Mic Healey) - New site !!!
Yikes Station! Frontier Elite 2 Page (by Tom Morton)
Frontier Unofficial Homepage (by Anders Hammar)
Life on the High Frontier (by Girv) - Amiga
Red Gamma's 3D page - Frontier & Elite TGN & The Elite Website Awards
Schembri Corporation City
Olaf's Frontier ELITE II Homepage (by O. Braune) - Now in English
The Frontier Player's Guide (by Stone-D) - Amiga
Frontier : Elite 2 Page!!! (by A. Foster)
Frontier: Astronautic and Navigation
Commader Adam's FE2 and FFE site - In progress
Frontier: Elite 2 (by Dark Knight Anime) - Interesting StarMap Section
Future World - Frontier Elite II Page (by R. Karlsen) - Ex RIP (1997)
Frontier (from "Chris's Classic Games")
Elite Thingies (by Mr. Blobby)
Niester's station
Frontier (by Brent) - Amiga
Frontier - Gametek (by Turnip)
Mercenary Station
ELITE: Frontier (by Maques)
Frontier: Elite 2 (by M. Forman)

Under Construction : Frontier Ships Manual (by P. Townes & M. Thomas) - Sneak preview
Under Construction : Fort TMT
Under Construction : Commander Knight's Frontier Site

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Frontier Station 2000
The Helpful guide to Frontier : Elite II (by Shadowman) - Atari
Frontier Megapage (by J. Wanscher)
A webpage about Elite 2 : Frontier (by Ajg-a)
My ELITE II Page (by MidnightHACK)
Frontier (Elite II) Wormholes (by "Rohee", Université de Marne la Vallée)
Frontier (Elite II) - Game Tables (by Kyle)
The Frontier Page (by "Crucible Design")
Frontier Elite Pilots Course - Atari
Frontier: Elite II (by C. Wilson)
FRONTIER (by Richard)
Frontier - "Sirius Corporation" (by Cesare)
The UN-Official FRONTIER Page (by Scratchi)
The Elite/Elite 2 Home Page (by J. F.Turner)
Distant Suns: The Frontier: Elite II web page (by Steve Jalim)

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1984-1988, 1991, 1995

Ian Bell's Elite pages - November 1999 : Elite 15th Anniversary - Released the program sources
Acorn Elite (by Simon Challands) & "Aftermath" in .PDF (conversion by M. Christensen)
Elite - The New Kind - The reverse engineered source code to Elite - In progress Beta 2.x
Project: glElite (by Timo Suoranta) & SourceForge: Project Info - glElite - In progress
Mufossa's Elite Platinum Page & Old Xoom page - Now hosted by Cdr. Mufossa - In progress
Mostly Harmless (by Andrew Bainbridge, Marc Forrester) - Under development
Java Elite (by Bootlace)
Elite Ships (by Neil Wallis)
GOGL - Under development - EliteGL - Under development
OpenGL Multiplayer Elite Project (by ' d a n "Tanis" ') - Under development
Jasper - ZX Spectrum Emulator
Java Spectrum Emulator - Elite - Under development
Mark Rowan's Elite Pages - Acorn Elite
Welcome to Planet Lave
The Elite Purity Test
Elite-A - an extended version of Elite for the BBC Microcomputer
Elite The Favourite BBC Game (8-Bit Software)
Elite (Issue 53, "8-Bit Software")
Elite (from "the Vault")
ArcElite Ship Datacards - Hosted by Jades
ELITE (the "immortal legend")
Eidolon´s Inn - Elite
C64 - Elite theme

Under Construction : Elite - Cinematic Project (by S. Sjöberg)
Under Construction : StarShip 2000
Under Construction : Elite++ (by Dod-G Pos-E)

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[The Mystic Crossroads] - Elite: Final Frontier
Elite Legacy (by Paul Johnstone) - Under development ???
ELITE PLATINUM (by Lord Dragon) - Now hosted by Cdr. Mufossa
Elite v2.0 - NOTE : this game DOES NOT EXIST

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Frontier - First Encounters

Life, The Universe And First Encounters (PC Gamer, 1995) - Braben talks about FFE
Frontier First Encounters, by David Braben and Frontier Developments (Games Domain)
Frontier: First Encounters (Wherehouse Music)
Frontier: First Encounter (Upgrade Shop)
Frontier - First Encounters (The Keep - Ye Source for the Abandoned Ones)
& Elite 3 - First Encounters (Haba's Abandonware)
Frontier: First Encounters - PC Preview (Coming Soon Magazine!)
Frontier - First Encounters (The Abandonware Dungeon)

Frontier - Elite II

FRONTIER (Elite II) by David Braben (Games Domain)
Usenet Review - Frontier - Amiga
Frontier (The Keep - Ye Source for the Abandoned Ones)
Frontier Elite 2 (Wherehouse Music)
Frontier (The Abandonware Dungeon)
Frontier (The Underdogs)
3D Combat - Reviews of : Elite, Elite plus, Frontier Elite 2 ("The AGDB", by A. Manwaring)
Review of Frontier - Elite 2 (by Mikael)
Elite 2 - Frontier (Haba's Abandonware)


Elite (Zzap!64 - Issue 1, May 1985)
[Elite] - A Critique - Why Elite is so popular ?
Elite (Your Spectrum - Issue 20, November 1985)
Elite (The 100 Best Computer Games of the Millenium on GameSpot UK) - No #11
Elite Review by Crispin Boylan (8-bit software)
Elite Plus (The Underdogs)
Elite - Scanned Cover & Info - Review 1 (by G. Lewis) & Review 2 (by D. Downunder)
Elite (The Abandonware Dungeon) The Top 25 PC Games of All Time: #11-15 (ELITE #12)
Elite (The Keep - Ye Source for the Abandoned Ones)
Elite (Classic Trash - Your Source For Abandonware)


BarrysWorld - Ian Bell Interview (by MoFo) - Nov, 1999
ATFW - Interview with David Braben (by John Shiali) - Nov, 1998
ATFW - Interview with Ian Bell (by John Shiali) - Apr, 1998
Games Domain - The Ian Bell Interview (by Michael McCarthy) - Summer 1997
David Braben Interview (by Angus Manwaring) - 199x

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Benchin' Product Information Sheet - Frontier Elite
FFE preview & review (scanned from 'PC FORMAT, 1995')
Review of Frontier - Elite 2 (by M. Sundberg)
PC Reviews - First Encounters (by Games Guide)
PCreview/n 19, 20, 23, 24 (InfoArt, Russian)
PC-Review - Gametek (IPress, Russian)
PC Gamer - Issue 18, FFE
CGW - First Encounters Of The Worst Kind
Wideaerea - First Encounters
PC entertainment - First Encounters
what - a - game --- REVIEWS: Elite
Si's - First Encounters

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Frontier / Elite miscellanea

Frontier & First Encounters

Other languages

Elite Games - Russian
DoV's Frontier Page & FE2 review (by DoV) - FE2 - Russian
Yikes Station! Frontier Elite 2 Page - FE2 - French - In progress
Strona o Frontier:First Encounters - FE2 - Polish
Frontier Elite 2 - FE2 - French
Elite - život kosmického vlka - Elite - Czech
Olaf's Frontier ELITE II Homepage (by O. Braune) - FE2 - German
Frontier (Elite II) - by CLS - Second Edition - Cyrillic Transliteration - FE2 - Russian
Elite / Frontier - Wurmloch-Berechnung - FE2 - German
RIDER'S ELITE HOMEPAGE : ELITE & Frontier: Tau Ceti - Elite/FE2 - Slovenian
elite - Elite/FE2/FFE - Czech
Elite (by J. Schwarte) - Elite - German
EliteII Frontier - FE2 - Russian
Elite 3 Frontier : First encounters - FFE - Czech
Frontier Elite II - FE2 - Portuguese
Wonder Tutun "On The Web" - Elite - French
LA page Frontier First encounter - FFE - French

Under Construction : FFE (by Blasters) - FFE - Swedish
Under Construction : Amicus Outpost - FE2 - Italian

Frontier / Elite : "similar" games

Space Engine - Incredible Universe Simulator
EVE-online - Online. Space strategy, RPG - In progress
Mankind® - Online. Persistent universe. Galactic combat and strategy - In progress
On-line (by EgoSoft) - X-universe online - Under development
X-tension (by EgoSoft) - X-BtF sequel
Noctis IV - Explore thousands of stars, their planets and moons in a fully 3D galaxy - Underdogs rewiew
X-Beyond the Frontier (Games Domain Review) (by EGOSOFT) - Basically, an Elite "clone"
HardWar & Cpt. Zedo's HardWar page - A futuristic arcade flight simulation
Terminus (by Vicarious Visions) - RPG, 3D simulation in our Solar System
Space Trader 1.x - 3Com PalmGear H.Q. Detailed Software Page!
Jumpgate - Online. Persistent universe. Massive multiplayer - In progress
Subspace (by Anarchy Enterprises) - Strategy/adventure game in deep space
Airlock - 3D multiplayer space trade, exploration, combat - In progress
Earthrise (by Broken) - In progress
Gazillionaire Deluxe (Games Domain Review) - Space-trading, strategy game
TRAVELLER (by Imperium Games, Inc.)

Space views
Celestia & OpenUniverse - OpenGL 3D Space Simulators
ChView (3-D Star Maps * Interstellar Navigation * Stars & Extrasolar Planets)
The Image Portfolio - from Extrasolar Visions (by John Whatmough)
Computergraphic Landscapes - Space art, spacescapes, planetscapes! (by Walter Myers)
3D graphics, renderings, animations, planetary maps and data (by Björn Jónsson)
DEVILSWORLD - The Ultimate science fiction graphics archive
Artwork of Saturn and Its Satellites
3-D Starmaps (by Nyrath)
Jim Smith's Free Virtual Galaxy Project
Pleiades Jump-Point

New Propulsion Systems ?

Warp Drive When? (by M. Millis - NASA) (by Dr. Hal E. Puthoff) - Can the vacuum be engineered for spaceflight applications?
A.S.P.S. (Non Newtonian Propulsion)
Anti-Gravity Technology - Already in use by the B-2 Bomber? ("AboveTopSecret")
Superheavy Elements 114, 115 and 118 discovered 89 ("AboveTopSecret")
Gravity Propulsion (by B. Lazar)

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Interesting things

Algorithms for an Infinite Universe [09.17.99]
10 Best Sci-Fi Simulations (Computer Games Online) - 1st place : ELITE
SpaceRPG - Grandiose ideas for a new game (by P. Forhan)
Net-Elite Concept Discussion
PGF's Elite/Frontier/First Encounters page - Small Frontier-like flight engine test
Elite II, true space

A Touch of the Vapours - Gametek, Battlecruiser 3000, First Encounters (Games Domain)
Contrasting Stories (Braben's post reply) - Braben's reflections about Elite/FE2/FFE
GameTek Assets Sold to Take 2

Game Developers Conference, San Jose CA, March 2001 - David Braben
David Braben, Ian Bell ("The Giant List of Classic Game Programmers" - DADGUM games)
David Braben and Ian Bell ("arrgh | bbc micro people")
Top 100+ Games. 1985-1996 (by N. Walton)

Cheats, hints & tips

Frontier Tutorial (Void - Dec, 1993)
Frontier: Elite II Frontier: Elite II - A Beginner’s Guide (
Classic Ami Cheats - Frontier: Elite 2
Frontier - The Adrenaline Vault
Elite II - Frontier - Games Domain - Cheats
Frontier: Elite 2 (Cheater's Guild)
Frontier Elite II -- pc -- Hyperactive cheat codes database

FFE cheats by Mogsy, & PC Games Zone Online - Cheat, XBTF Support Base, GameHack
Happy Puppy - Windows - Frontier 2 - Cheats
Elite III -- pc -- Hyperactive cheat codes database
Frontier : First Encounters (Cheater's Guild)
Elite 3 - The Adrenaline Vault
Elite III - Games Domain - Cheats


Elite faq (Frontier Developments Ltd)
Elite (Classic Ami Cheats)
Elite (The Adrenaline Vault)
ELITE (Cheater's Guild)

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The World Foundry - Explorer 2260 - Amiga
Frontier: Elite 2 (Amiga) - by I.E.P. - FE2 - Italian
Frontier - Elite II - FE2 - Dutch
Frontier (by Gazzelle) - FE2 - German
Frontier First Encounters (by Gilar) - FFE - Italian
Amiga Report Top 100 Games Of All Time - #10 FRONTIER : ELITE 2, #31 ELITE
Frontier (Elite 2) (Russian)
Výheò: Elite, Frontier (Czech)
Elite II Frontier (German)
Elite Frontiers (by J. Gould), plug-in for Escape Velocity - Macintosh
Final Frontier - Macintosh
GalacticSky Charts
3D Starmaps (by K. Richter)
GameTEK FFE Patches
Frontier Elite II - GAMETEK FAQs
Frontier Elite II - GAMETEK Hints
Nebula Trader for Windows95/NT
Computer Games (by P. Duncan)
Weasel's Mind: Elite
David Braben -- Frontier Developments ("Next Generation")
Frontier: Elite 2 - Cheat Codes
Frontier First Encounters (by M. Ludvigsens) - FFE - Norwegian
Timors Homepage - Frontier : First Encounters - FFE - German
AMInet - Frontier Hints
elite (apple.asimov ... /simulation)

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News, Forum, M-List, IRC

News - via - FREE !
News.CIS.DFN.DE - Free NetNews service, by DFN-CIS, Freie Universität Berlin, Germany : Power Search - Find whatever it is you want to find !

Interesting news

FFE: Deep space exploration - Thread, Jan 2000
A new Elite game? When? - Thread, Nov 1999
Galactic Centre - Thread, Jun 1999
the "Mirage"
Author : "David Braben" - Forum : ""


AliothNet - The Frontier News Bulletin Board
FNBS Message Board System (UltraBoard)
Elite Plus: Planetside Forum - Elite like simulation combining elements of E+ and FE2

Almost abandoned ...

Life on the Frontier Forum
Frontierverse Forum

Mailing Lists

ONElist : Frontier-Elite-Sites
Yahoo : Frontier Elite II Adventurers
ONElist : FE2


Elite IRC Summary (by Robin Sharrock) #theelitebar - Every Friday @ 20:00 GMT. Try it up! - NEW PLACE - UK Vapo Net Server - OLD PLACE

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