Elite Fiction Ring


The home of the Alliance of Independent systems. Based in the late 3290's

The Frontierverse

The Frontierverse is the Homesite for Frontier Elite 2 and has everythinyou could possibly want including a huge database of Elite Fiction

The Elite Bar

The orginal IRC Elite Bar, interactive role-play-esqe FEU-related enjoyment in the best possible taste. Bee-Team

Elite Fiction: Marcan Rayger

Adventures of Commander Marcan Rayger, who starts of as a sergeant in the Federal Military, but explores various other trades as well. Long Story...

The Acorn Elite Pages

Help and hints on BBC Elite, Elite A and ArcElite, some downloads, and a great story :-)


Original Elite Fiction by Paolo Mariani

Mufossa Elite Page

This site is home to the adventure story of Commander Mark Pritchard. It's updated whenever a new chapter is produced (As often as the webmaster has free time!)

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