Interview with David Braben
by John Shiali

November 98

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There have been at rumours circulating for a while now that you are working on a new Elite title. Is this true? What came you tell us about the new title? When are you aiming to have it in the shops?

There will be an Elite IV in the new millennium.

Will Elite 4 use a Newtonian flight model as in Frontier, or something more simplistic like Wing Commander?

Neither. It will be much more Elite-like.

Will you be able to land on planets as in previous Frontier titles?


Will you be able to hide in the gas giants, or in asteroid fields ?

Yes, yes.

Can you describe some of the ships or weapons you are planning to have?

I think you are asking the wrong question! ;-)

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Is there anything else you'd like to tell us?

Not yet.

Thanks for the questions.

Thanks David, and good luck with your future space-sim projects.

Interview from 'A Talent For War - The Space-Sim Portal'

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