A brief history

2001 Jan

Put on-line my Stellar Cartography project, although it is strongly under construction. Will be required a lot of weeks to complete it. Be patient!

Updated news about Elite IV, from alt.fan.elite

2000 Oct

Updated strongly "Frontier/Elite Useful Links" section. Added almost 50 new links. Added a top frame with "navigation buttons". Made some reorganization.

Updated news about Elite IV, snipped from alt.fan.elite

Added 'Canopus Tour' images.

Some layout improvements.

2000 Apr

DSO third major update. New improved layout.

Opened Sol-Tiphien Wormhole.

Added new links, new sections and three interesting things:
- news about Elite IV by David Braben, snipped from alt.fan.elite
- a great old (1995) review of FFE by PC Gamer
- cover images into "The Games", a ROC Terminal's remnant (1995), hosted in DSO Pilots Hall

2000 Jan

Updated "Frontier/Elite Useful Links" section.

Created DSO sidereal banner.

Some little improvements. Added Crew Members choice.

1999 Nov 22

New "Pressurization Ceremony".

DSO revised and updated. Lots of new links added !

Commander Bilo takes a holo-picture of de-hibernated Zat Solo for the Commander's Photo Album

1999 Nov 1

Commander Robin Sharrock writes on the DSO Guestbook : "You really should update this great site before it falls into ruin." Uhm ... It's true

Games Domain announces : "Following the out-of-court settlement ending the legal battle between David Braben and Gametek, Dave has announced his Frontier Developments are to start work on another Elite game"

NeuroComp SYN 9030 begins Zat Solo's de-hibernation process

1998 May

Begin of Zat Solo's hibernation process in DSO

1998 Apr

DSO second major update

1997 Sep

DSO first major update

1997 May

"Pressurization Ceremony". "Deep Space Outpost" (DSO) is open ! Finally !

Links Page updated monthly

1997 Jan

Zat Solo's "Deep Space Outpost" under construction near Tiphien 11

Begin of Special Archives : "Frontier/Elite Useful Links"

1995 Apr

"Frontier - First Encounters" released

1993 Oct

"Frontier - Elite II" released


HST repaired


Hubble Space Telescope (HST) put in orbit

1989 Nov

End of "Cold War" on the Earth


"Elite" released for the BBC Micro

1969 Jul

First man on the Moon


"Silver Surfer" published in the States

1961 Apr

First man in space

1957 Oct

First artificial satellite put in orbit

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