Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of ...

When FFE will be improved with better graphics (hardware accelerated etc.) by "The Elite Club" ,
this section will contain the pictures and the comments of my explorations.

This is only an example.

Canopus Tour (1)
"Canopus Tour": Canopus' photosphere
Canopus Tour (2)
"Canopus Tour": Canopus 3
Canopus Tour (3) - Annular eclipse - Download the saved game (for FE2 & FFE) !!!
"Canopus Tour": annular eclipse close to Canopus 3
Canopus Tour (4)
"Canopus Tour": sunrise on Canopus 3
Between and Navy Central
Between rises above the Navy Central's atmosphere
Waliada 3
Waliada 3 - Earth-like planet with a thin atmosphere

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