Pilots Hall

Current Update: Apr, 1, 2000
Last Major : Nov, 22, 1999
First : May, 10,1997

FE2 Pilot's Lounge (by Mic Healey) & Flight Data Log Program - Record your adventures !
The Frontier News (by Dylan Smith) - Developments around the populated Galaxy
The Frontier Challenge (by Dean Hall) - Explore the Galaxy and write a story !
Are you looking for a BEAUTIFUL CREW MEMBER ? - Only in this side of the Galaxy !
"The Games" (The Elite Trilogy) - From 'ROC' Terminal, 1995 (by M. Forrester)
"Elite : The Dark Wheel" - A novella by Rob Holdstock - Acornsoft 1984
Lunar Lander - Some fun for all Commanders !

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Elite Banner Exchange
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