Distant Suns: Stellar Cartography


Work in progress...

Introductory note.

This project is under construction, and I will need a lot of time to complete it, according to what I have in mind.
However I can say that, apart from some small inaccuracies, the David Braben's astronomy project in Frontier is, on the whole, accurate and meticulous. An excellent work indeed!
As soon as I have accumulated enough material and data (also depending on my spare time), I will write an editorial.

FE2-FFE_real_systems.htm - Complete list and some screen-shots
FE2-FFE_ExtraSolar_Planets.htm - Other solar systems in the "Frontier Universe"
Brightest_Stars.htm - The Brightest Stars
Nebulas&Clusters.htm - Some nebulas and star clusters (wish list)

Star maps:
FE2-FFE_real_systems.zip - Complete 3D MAP. Interactive. To use it, download "ChView"
FE2-FFE_real_Core_systems.htm - Core systems (based on "ChView")
FE2-FFE_real_frontier_systems.gif - Frontier systems (based on "ChView")
FE2-FFE_real_far_systems.gif - Far systems (based on "ChView")
Note: all the star data used in the maps above are based rigorously on Hi.P.Par.Co.S. astrometry mission data.

The "Milky Way":
M-Way_1.htm - Our galaxy as simulated in Frontier
M-Way_2.htm - The "Milky Way" and our galactic neighborhood

Useful links:
An Atlas of The Universe - Superb astronomy site, by the astronomer Richard Powell
Celestia - 3D real-time space simulation with 118,000+ stars (Hi.P.Par.Co.S.)
ChView: 3-D Star Maps - Navigation software for farther stars
Sol Station: Notable Nearby Stars - Information on nearby stars and the Solar System
Frontier Astro - Excellent page about astronomy and the "Frontier Universe"
"Star Trek" Cartography - Excellent ST astronomy page

Last Update: Nov, 17, 2001

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