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This b&w image represents the real star systems present in Frontier within a distance of about 25 l.y. (light years) from Sol. These systems are in their correct position, according to the "Hi.P.Par.Co.S." database. To generate this map I've used "ChView" (see the credits note below).

To obtain the correct orientation of the map, that is the orientation used in Frontier, finding the position of "Polaris" has been decisive. In other words, the "Polar Axis" has been the key to orientate this map correctly.
To obtain the Frontier's 2D star map you must project the stars on the galactic plane represented as a transparent layer. The final result is a map almost 100% equal to the star map simulated in Frontier. Incredible!

Well, there are some little inaccuracies, but on the whole Braben's work about the Frontier's star map has been excellent and very accurate.
Depending on my spare time, in the next months I'll insert other maps to show how to arrive to the Frontier's 2D star map starting from this map. Then I'll list the little inaccuracies existing.

Just a final note:
Alpha Bootis, i.e. Arcturus (on the bottom left) is, in reality, at 37 l.y. from Sol, but in Frontier is only at about 14 l.y. Why?
Well, the explanation is that, to simplify the navigation, the galaxy in Frontier is flatter (probably only 16 l.y.) than the real one. In this flat galaxy Arcturus is, however, in the correct position relatively to Sol, and this is, in my humble opinion, the most important thing.

Credits: This image has been elaborated starting from the output image generated by "ChView":
ChView: 3-D Star Maps - Navigation software for farther stars