Some Famous Nebulas and Star Clusters

List of some nebulas that I hope can be present in "Elite IV".

---------------------------------  -------------  -----------------------------------------
          NEBULA NAME               DIST (L.Y.)                    NOTES
---------------------------------  -------------  -----------------------------------------
Dumbbell nebula (M27)               1,250         Planetary nebula in Vulpecula
Horsehead Nebula (B33)              1,500         Dark nebula in Orion
Orion nebula (M42)                  1,500         The famous Orion Nebula
Ring nebula (M57)                   2,000         The famous Lyra planetary nebula
Trifid Nebula (M20)                 2,200         Emission/reflection nebula in Sagittarius
Veil nebula                         2,600         Supernova remnant, aka the "Cygnus Loop"
Rosette Nebula                      3,000         Emission nebula in Monoceros
Lagoon Nebula (M8)                  3,500         Emission nebula in Sagittarius
Omega nebula (M17)                  5,000         Emission nebula in Sagittarius. Far.
Vela Supernova Remnant              6,000         Supernova remnant in Vela. Far.
Crab Nebula (M1)                    6,300         Supernova remnant in Taurus. Far.
Eagle Nebula (M16)                  7,000         Emission nebula in Serpens. Far.
Eta Carinae                         9,000         The largest diffuse nebula in the sky. Far.

List of some star clusters that I hope can be present in "Elite IV".

---------------------------------  ------------  -----------------------------------------
        CLUSTER NAME                DIST (L.Y.)                    NOTES
---------------------------------  ------------  -----------------------------------------
Hyades                                151 (HIP)  Open cluster in Taurus
Praesepe (M44)                        577 (HIP)  Open cluster in Cancer
Butterfly cluster (M6)              2,000        Open cluster in Scorpius
M4                                  7,000        Globular cluster in Scorpius, far (*)
M13                                22,000        Globular cluster in Hercules, very far (*)

(*) Globular clusters (about 150) are in the "galactic halo" surrounding the galactic disk.

- The Web Nebulae (by B. Arnett)
- The Messier Objects (by B. Arnett)
- An Atlas Of The Universe - Star Clusters and Nebulae within 10000 l.y. (by R. Powell)
- An Atlas Of The Universe - The Universe within 5000 l.y. - The Orion Arm (by R. Powell)